Miran Breznik is certified as an export consultant at the INCITE quality academy of the professional chamber association for information and consulting of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and is a


consultant of the Austrian Business Agency (ABA – Invest in Austria) a government-operated consulting firm, which is the first business address for international investors seeking information about business locations in Austria.


Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

International Team

Miran Breznik

Miran Breznik, Klagenfurt, Austria

International sales experience, long term experience in banking and international finance, since 1995 consultant for export and internationalization.

    country expertise:

    Slovenia,  Italy,  Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


    Marjan Versa

    Marjan Versa, Trieste, Italy

    Long term experience in the management of industry and sales companies

    country expertise:

    Slovenia, Italy and Germany.




    Thomas Kofler

    Thomas Kofler MBA, Zürich, Switzerland

    Thomas Kofler offers for more than 12 years as managing partner of the Swiss Symmetry Services AG international consultancy and project management in the fields of trade, transport & logistic, supply chain management and market entry Asia. He has access to a broad network with a subsidiary office in Hong Kong.

    country expertise:

    Switzerland, Germany, China and Taiwan.


    Rüdiger Komposch

    Rüdiger Komposch, Vancouver, Canada

    Long term sales experience in the field of consumer and lifestyle products in Western Canada

    country expertise: