Miran Breznik is certified as an export consultant at the INCITE quality academy of the professional chamber association for information and consulting of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and is a


consultant of the Austrian Business Agency (ABA – Invest in Austria) a government-operated consulting firm, which is the first business address for international investors seeking information about business locations in Austria.


Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

For your business success abroad

Is my company ready for export?
EXPORT SUPPORT - Miran Breznik checks your companies readyness (internally/target market) to start with the export business.

Which market possibilities does my product or service have in specific markets?
EXPORT SUPPORT - Miran Breznik provides individual market analysis for example information about the market, target groups, competitors, price level, distribution system etc.

Through this process you get a wide overview about the market possibilities of your products or services in the selected market.

How do I determine the market entry in the selected market?
EXPORT SUPPORT - Miran Breznik helps you in preparing a suitable market entry and distribution strategy for the new market.

How do I find new clients or suitable distribution partners?
EXPORT SUPPORT - Miran Breznik helps you find new clients or new business partners in the new market, activelly and methodically. This offers you a greater chance.

The communication is in the language of the market that is being researched.  You are not alone and we will support you through the process of establishing the relationships with your future partners.

How do I develop  sustainability  of my international acquisition of clients?
The established contacts and interested companies have to be nurtured and permanently maintained.

With this process we greatly concern ourselves and gladly help you with a systematically and continuing acquisition of new clients.